Corporate Philosophy

Our mission is to raise the value of the road by considering the safety and comfort when designing, and maintaining that level of quality using our unique technical services.

Protect Connect Develop

Company Policy

  • We will make every effort to heighten our technological strength, and provide fast and impeccable service to our customers.
  • We will anticipate the needs of the future, always be creative and innovative, and provide business with added value,
  • We provide a satisfying workplace, and our management will always support our employees.
  • As a part of the NEXCO West Japan Group, we will maintain the high quality of highways, which is an important social infrastructure.

Our Employees

  • Each employee must have pride as professionals, understand the responsibility that comes with our jobs, and be trusted.
  • Each employee must be thorough with safety management of the workplace.
  • Each employee must try to create a workplace where everyone can speak freely, and be thoughtful of others.
  • Each employee must make an effort to keep up with the latest knowledge and technology, and be innovative and creative.
  • Each employee must improve as a working member of society.

The NEXCO West Japan Groupsf goal is to be loved by the surrounding society, and to make every employee proud to be a member of the group.

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West Nippon Expressway
Engineering Chugoku Co., Ltd

3rd Central Bldg., 2-1 Nishikanon-machi,
Nishi-ku, Hiroshima, 733-0037 JAPAN

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