Corporate Data

Established November 2, 1982
Company Name West Nippon Expressway Engineering Chugoku Co., Ltd
Representative President: Akira Ishibashi
Headquarters 3rd Central Bldg., 2-1 Nishikanon-machi, Nishi-ku,Hiroshima, 733-0037 JAPAN
Capital 70,000,000Yen
Employees 799 (285 Electric, Communication, and Machinery Experts, 345 Civil Engineering technicians)   [As of June, 2019]


  • Construction Consultant
  • Geological Survey
  • First-Class Registered Architect Office
  • Security Service
  • Automobile Maintenance
  • Measurement Certification
            (Noise, Vibration, Air Quality)
  • Measurement and Construction
  • Electrical Construction
  • Specified Worker Dispatching Undertakings

ISO9001 Certified

Certified July 22, 1999
Certified Field:
・Road maintenance management (Civil Engineering and Facility Maintenance Engineering), research, and design work related to the structures and incidental facilities on the Expressways and other comparable roads.
・Concrete examination business.
・Design, development, and manufacturing of road safety products.

Business Content

Electrical・Communication・Machinery Department

Planning and installation of Electrical, Communication, and Machinery equipment
Technical maintenance of Electrical, Communication, and Machinery equipment installed on highways etc.

Civil Engineering Department

Research, design, analysis, and planning of road construction and maintenance
Construction, improvement, disaster measure, and technical maintenance of highways etc.

Environmental Department

Research, investigation, and planning of environmental elements (density, noise, vibration)

Landscaping and Tree Planting Department

Research, planning, construction, and maintenance concerning landscaping and tree planting

Development Department

Research, testing, and planning utilizing the latest technology
Development and sales of various programs and systems

Product Sales・Installation Department

Development, production, sales, and installation of traffic signs and other items necessary for traffic control


Temporary staffing of specialists
Sales agency of IKONOS satellite imagery data service
Traffic control and patrol
Real Estate Appraisal
Automobile Maintenance

Number of Certified Employees

Professional Engineer 75 First Class Landscape Construction
Management Engineer
RCCM 87 First Class Electrical Construction
Management Engineer
First Class Registered Architect 3 First Class Pipe Construction
Management Engineer
Surveyor 39 Third Class Chief Electrical Engineer 47
Certified Environmental Measurer 4 Chief Telecommunications Engineer 8
Chief Concrete Engineer 6 First Class Technical Radio Operator
for On-The-Ground Services
Concrete Engineer 42 First Class Electrical
Construction Engineer
Concrete Diagnostics Engineer 49 First Class Building Construction
Management Engineer
Steel Infrastructure Diagnosis Engineer 3 Administrative Scrivener 2
Geological Survey Engineer 6 System Administrator
Beginners Class
First Class Civil Engineering Works
Execution Managing Engineer
As of June, 2019

Company History

November, 1982 Company founded.
(Company name: Hiroshima Road Engineering Co., Ltd.)
April, 1983 Began business.
July, 1999 ISO9001 Certification acquired.
April, 2002 Changed our company name to Heardea Co., Ltd.
April, 2007 Changed our company name to
West Nippon Expressway Engineering Chugoku Co., Ltd.

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West Nippon Expressway
Engineering Chugoku Co., Ltd

3rd Central Bldg., 2-1 Nishikanon-machi,
Nishi-ku, Hiroshima, 733-0037 JAPAN

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