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Wind Powered Self-Luminous Delineator WINPICA 02

WINPICA 02(ゼロツー)

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WINPICA 02 is a delineator which utilizes wind to power the LED lights. It works best in one-way highway tunnels.
Since April 2002, we have improved the longevity and durability, and lowered the price.


The Tunnel and the Wind

The wind speed in the tunnel is affected by the tunnel length, ventilation, topography, climate, season, and other elements. The biggest factor however, is the traffic flow.
We investigated the wind in tunnels with various traffic flows, and found that the WINPICA 02 will flash in tunnels with traffic of roughly 10,000 per day.
The WINPICA is especially effective when installed on the side railing of tunnels, as the delineator will function as a visual guidance.


Durability Under Continuous Use and Exchange of Parts

By utilizing the brushless motor, the WINPICA will function for more than 3 years when installed inside the tunnel. We recommend periodical cleaning if the WINPICA is fixed to the tunnel.
When mounting the WINPICA to the tunnel railing, metal fittings which are sold separately, are required.

Product Merit

・Energy Saving
The WINPICA 02 is a delineator that uses the wind inside the tunnel to light the LED.
The WINPICA 02 does not use any batteries.
・Excellent Visibility
The WINPICA 02 has, and maintains the same level of luminance as battery powered delineators.
・Wide Range of Application
The WINPICA 02 can be used to warn drivers in areas with frequent accidents, or be fitted on top of traffic cones. Since there is no need for wiring works, this equipment can be fitted anywhere.

Product Specification


Generator Wind Powered using Propellers and AC Generators
Lights 8 Blinking High Luminance LED Lights
Weight 450g
Condition Needed For Use:
・Begins to blink at the wind speed of 25m/s.
・Keeps blinking at a sufficient luminance at the wind speed of 30m/s.

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