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One Touch Bracket (Road Sign Fixture Metal Bracket)

One Touch Bracket (Road Sign Fixture Metal Bracket)

The highway is a place where cars pass at a speed of close to 100km, and road maintenance work is being done every day in those dangerous situations. Putting up traffic signs on highways is very dangerous. To decrease the chance of accidents, we developed the One Touch Bracket.
This product was developed by Japan Highway Public Corporation, West Nippon Expressway Engineering Chugoku, and Nihon Parkerizing Co., Ltd.

Product Merit

・Easy Installation
The installation of traffic signs is very simple.
・Easy Maintenance
There is no need to bring the bracket every time. When not in use, the bracket can be stored behind the protection fence.
・Longevity of the Traffic Sign
The bracket will not damage the pole.

Product Specification

Model PB-Gr PB-Gc
Material STK400,SS400 STK400,SS400
Weight 8.2kg 8.2kg
Protection fence to be fitted Guard Rail Guard Cable
Wind Speed Less Than 20m/s Less Than 20m/s
Surface Treatment Zinc Coating JIS H8641 HDZ35 Zinc Coating JIS H8641 HDZ35

※The specification may change without notice for improvement.

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