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Road Management Imagery Data Service (Includes Viewer Software)

Road Management Imagery Data Service (Includes Viewer Software)

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Obtain The Information You Need Easily And Economically

・Ease of Use
Manage the images of the road on a disk. The images can be viewed on any computer.
・Fast Delivery
The images of a distance of 100m can be delivered in 2 weeks.
Since it is not expensive, repeated photography of important spots and photography on various weather conditions is possible.,

Plenty Of Road Information On One Image

1.Roadside Situation
・Fences, Sidewalks, Plants, Mounds, Slopes, Houses, Facilities, Billboards
2.Guidance Facilities
・Road Signs, Warning Signs, Street Lights, Electric Boards, Signals, Delineators
3.Surface Situation
・Damages, Pavement Type, Drainage, Pavement Signs, Shoulders
・Tunnel Lights and Emergency Facilities, Tollbooths, Public Bathrooms, Rest Area, Sound Barrier, Bridges, Joints etc.
・Cross Shape, Pavement Signs, Information Boards, Signals, Sidewalks

Application as a Road Image Library

  • Inspection of road and its structures, and changes over time
Type Management Abnormality
Road Surface Damage of the Surface None
Condition Change of the Pavement None
Surface Sign None
Gutter None
Roadside Situation Fence None
Sidewalk None
Private Items None
Roadside Environment None
Guidance Guidance Sign None
Regulation Sign None
Street Lights None
  • Road Utilization Situation Inspection (Construction, Sidewalk, Barrier-Free Situation)
  • Inspection of dangerous spots (Visibility, Night-time Visibility.)
  • Advance inspection for marathons etc. (Obstacles etc.)
  • Immediate situation control in disaster situations.
  • Road inspection in any weather

Product Merit

  • The images are taken at the eye-level of the driver.
  • The photographing interval can be set from 5m.
  • The printing, copying, pasting of the images is possible.
  • Continuous still images and movies are both available.
  • Easily play, fast forward, rewind, and find the image you need fast.
  • GIS compatible continuous still images.
  • Continuous still images at 10m interval.
  • Application immediately after photographing.
  • Name of the location and the distance is specified.
  • Can be pasted onto a map.

Other Options

  • Add search category by map and other points.
  • Link to existing data and other road information.

Permitted Use

  • West Nippon Expressway Engineering Chugoku Co. Ltd. permits the use of data on any computer owned by the customer.
  • Transferring, posting on the web is permitted only to the customer.
  • The reproduction, distribution, and any other secondary use of the images is permitted only to the customer.
  • The reproduction, distribution, and any other secondary use of the software is permitted only to the customer.


  • The images may include information of privacy, When distributed, legal problems may occur.

Utilizing the data for the inspection of safety and security of the road, and for managing your assets.

Daily Inspections:
Surface Condition, Intersections, Tunnels, Major Structures, Signs

・Preparation of Reviewable Data

Extraction of Problematic Spots:
Road Condition Change, Obstacles, Complaints, Problems with New Plans

・Demand From Local Residents, Traffic Controllers, and Complaints From Users.

Discussion Within the Company:
Discussion Between Persons Concerned, Discussion Between Organizations Concerned

・Problematic Spots in Disasters, Disaster Prevention Plan, Securing Transportation Routes

Discussion at the Upper Level:
The Management Can See the Site In The Office.

・Consideration of Countermeasures, Action Plans, Reports

Countermeasure Image:
Reference of the Scene to the Countermeasures.

Record of Improvement:
Exchange of Images Before and After the Improvement in the Data File

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